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Erina's Triumphant Conquest (Part1)
Notes before reading:
.This story contains femdom, humiliation, mind-breaking, foot-fetish and other similar themes. If you are not into any of them, please do not read it.
.I am not the creator of the characters. They belong to the author of the manga/anime "Shokugeki no Souma"
.The description/author's comment section contains pictures of the characters for those unfamiliar with them.
.Enjoy !
 It was a regular day at Tootsuki Academy. The lessons were about to start, the students were respectively going to their classes. In one of the hallways, a disturbance was occurring. One person was passing through as everyone moved aside making way to the said presence.
-Hey look. It's her!
-Woahh she's just like the rumors say!
-Idiot don't let her hear you. She's the granddaughter of the principle. You know, THAT principle.
-Yeah she's part of that demonic family!
-But looking at her she's more like a walking angel, no, a Goddess!
-Man if only she'd look my way, my hear
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Disclaimer: These characters are from Fairy Tail and I do not claim to own them in any sort of way. I just enjoy the series and thought this might make for an interesting domination story. Also this contains heavy foot domination and humiliation so if you are not into that then don't read it! This is my first story so please go easy on me, and enjoy!  

    Lucy woke up feeling dazed and felt a tight pressure around her wrists and ankles. "Wh..where am I? and why can't I move!?" She yelled as the lights to the room turned on. She started to pull against the ropes binding her as she heard a familiar voice and stopped moving in terror. "Ah I see the little blond bitch is awake! Now the fun can really begin!" Lucy looked to where the voice was coming from hoping she was wrong about who the voice belonged to, and her heart sunk as she looked into the evil and almost giddy stare from Flare. 

    "Whats going on Flare!? Let me go!" Lucy yelled as she continued to struggle with her bonds.  "Oh don't worry Blondy, you wont be going anywhere for a long time. I've taken your keys away so no sprites are coming to the rescue today! And I've got a pretty convincing fake Lucy running around in fairy tail so no one will come looking for you! Your all mine!" Flare flashed a twisted grin as she walked slowly towards Lucy, savoring the pathetic look of her trying to struggle against the restraints. "You may have beaten me in the magic games you bitch but I've gotten a lot stronger since then! In fact I've been out training all morning just for this moment!" Flare laughed as she placed a chair right in front of her bound victim and began to slowly remove her shoes. The stench almost immediately hit Lucy as Flare dangled her socked foot inches from Lucy's face, and Flare grinned even more seeing her look of disgust. "I already told you I have had a long day of training bitch, and on top of that I haven't showered in close to a week! Do you know what I'm going to do to you today?" She asked, not waiting for an answer as she rubbed her sweaty stinky socked foot all over Lucy's face. 

    "Let me go! Get your nasty feet out of my face!!" Lucy begged as she continued to squirm and try to move her head out of the way. Flare was having none of that though as she slowly stripped off her sweaty sock and shoved it into Lucy's protesting mouth and taped over it. "That's enough out of you for now Blondy, your going to have to learn to enjoy the smell of my dirty feet because I am officially making you my new foot slave!" Flare cackled as she wiggled her toes over Lucy's nose, smiling as tears started to form in Lucy's eyes from the humiliation of her position and the stench of Flare's feet. "I hope you like the taste of foot sweat" Laughed Flare, "I expect that sock to be sucked clean before I will allow you to take it out of your mouth!"  

    Lucy continued to try and squirm to no avail. All she could do was smell the disgusting pale feet of Flare and taste the sweaty sock in her mouth. She pulled against the ropes for another good 10 minutes as Flare made her smell her sweaty feet and rubbed them against her face. Finally Flare had had her fill of making Lucy suck on her sock. "Alright Blondy, time for the main course!" She said as she took the tape off of Lucy's mouth to allow Lucy to spit the sock out. "F..Flare please st...mmph..Mmph!!!" Lucy started to beg as Flare joyfully shoved her sweaty dirty foot over Lucy's mouth and started to shove her toes into her mouth slowly as Lucy started to squirm even harder. Flare then slapped Lucy hard across the face with her foot. "No more struggling bitch! You will learn to love this! Its so refreshing to see you all pathetic and tied up with my nasty unwashed feet in your mouth. I'm loving this so much! We should do this every day you pathetic bimbo!" Flare mocked as she started to rub her bare feet across Lucy's face some more and use her left foot to gag Lucy, wiggling her toes in Lucy's mouth so deep that they almost touched the back of her throat. "Take it all blondy! you know you deserve every second of this!" Flare laughed as she spit on Lucy's crying face and rubbed it in with her foot. 


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